Seven matches with extreme(ly unique) rules

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May 08, 2013

Tower of Doom

Sometimes, matchmakers are just too clever for their own good. Case in point, the Tower of Doom, a three-tiered cage match utilized by the NWA in 1988. The contraption was mighty impressive looking, reaching several stories high, but the involved set of rules that accompanied it made the Tower of Doom an unwieldy mach type.

In short, it was a five-on-five match in which members of both teams began in the top cage and worked their way through the middle before exiting the bottom one. Competitors entered the battle in rounds, with trap doors between cages opening every two minutes. The first complete team to exit the Tower of Doom was declared the winning unit.

Spectacle though the Tower of Doom was, the premise was slightly counterintuitive: As wrestlers fled the bottom cage, they left their respective teams at a numbers disadvantage.

Oh, well. At least it looked cool.

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