United States Champion Kofi Kingston wins Fatal Four Way Match

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June 07, 2009

NEW ORLEANS -- After his huge victory on Raw, Kofi Kingston was given little time as reigning United States Champion before having to defend the title. Though surrounded by three hungry, determined competitors, the highly athletic Superstar and his controlled frenzy carried the day, aiding Kingston as he pinned William Regal to leave Extreme Rules with the United States Championship still secure around his waist.

The United States Champion found himself entering a ring much more dangerous than those to which most Superstars are accustomed. In addition to the dangerous -- even career-threatening -- Fatal Four Way stipulation, Kingston had to contend with MVP, a talented ring warrior he clearly respects, as well as two more unscrupulous threats: William Regal and Matt Hardy. With any of the four Superstars capable of scoring a pinfall to win the United States Title, the reigning champion had to shove himself right into the action, leveling Regal with a high-flying kick after taking the fight to each of his competitors in turn.

A mere six days before walking into Extreme Rules, Kingston achieved a landmark moment in his young career when he defeated MVP for the United States Championship. The high-flying Superstar had earned his title opportunity by defeating Regal and Hardy in a Triple Threat Match the week before, but that wasn't the last the Jamaican Superstar would see of the devious duo.

Though The Ballin' Superstar legitimately deserved a chance to win back his title, the WWE Universe watched as Regal and Hardy were also inserted into the United States Championship Match to make it a Fatal Four Way. Though the reasons behind their addition aren't known for sure, savvy fans might suspect it has something to do with the recent assistance the two have rendered to Raw General Manager Vickie Guerrero.

At Extreme Rules, Kofi Kingston ensured that he will hold onto the United States Championship for another day, but with so many hungry wolves at the gate, it's only a matter of time before this exciting young Superstar must defend his title once again.

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