Sheamus def. Triple H (Street Fight)

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April 25, 2010

BALTIMORE -- A Street Fight is one of the most brutal, intense forms of combat known to WWE. And yet, Triple H and Sheamus couldn't wait until their Street Fight was under way to try and destroy one another. After a ferocious and unpredictable encounter earlier in the evening, it was The Celtic Warrior who would emerge victorious in an impressive show of force as his rival, The Game, offered the WWE Universe an impressive show of heart.

Prior to their Street Fight, the two powerhouses could hardly contain themselves. Before Sheamus or Triple H entered onto the arena floor, they began hammering away at each other in the locker room area of the sold-out 1st Mariner Arena. The Irishman utilized a steel pipe to incapacitate his foe until a battalion of WWE referees and officials were able to restore order.

In the wake of the skirmish, Triple H appeared to be seriously injured. So much so, in fact, that his participation in the Street Fight remained in question throughout the night. When the bout was finally scheduled to take place, The King of Kings refused to forfeit, emerging from the trainer's room, albeit gingerly, after suffering nerve damage and numbness in left arm. For his part, Sheamus, who had promised to send The Game into retirement like his friend Shawn Michaels, appeared eager to claim his already wounded prey.

While Triple H put on a brave face, his opponent put on an exhibition of cruelty. In a match where there are no count-outs or disqualifications, The Celtic Warrior used his overwhelming hunger and imposing strength to punish his target with a steel pipe to the temple. The Game fought back valiantly, snapping Sheamus with a kendo stick outside the ring. In the end, though, a series of kicks to the skull leveled Triple H and helped The Celtic Warrior secure the pin. (PHOTOS)

The victory officially established Sheamus as a Superstar with a bright -- if terrifying -- future and Triple H as one of the most devoted competitors in WWE history.

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