Cesaro def. Rob Van Dam and Jack Swagger - Triple Threat Elimination Match

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May 04, 2014

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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.– At Extreme Rules, the freakishly powerful Cesaro reigned supreme over Real American Jack Swagger and the high-flying Rob Van Dam in a furious Triple Threat Elimination Match.

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Prior to the start of the personal free-for-all, the outspoken Paul Heyman stole the spotlight early, professing the virtues of the Extreme and his “Paul Heyman guys” amidst the eardrum-shattering collection of jeers courtesy of the WWE Universe in the IZOD Center. The instant the bell rang, though, the fast and furious showdown transformed the Heyman show into an absolute thrill ride from start to finish.

With all three Superstars well-versed in the extreme, the brutality quickly spread both inside and outside the ring. However, moments after Cesaro displayed his renowned super-strength by suplexing Jack Swagger into the ring while perched on the second turnbuckle, RVD closed out The Real American with the Five-Star Frog Splash, sending both him and his mentor, Zeb Colter, back to the showers.

The action continued with one jaw-dropping maneuver after another, testing the determination of both competitors. While RVD introduced the trash can, Cesaro quickly kicked it back at him. The weapon then helped switch momentum back and forth. But when the King of Extreme tried to deliver his second Five-Star Frog Splash of the night with the trash can on his adversary’s chest, Cesaro moved at the last second,  then hit RVD with the Neutralizer onto the metal implement for the three-count.

Cesaro scored a strong victory equal to his power at Extreme Rules. What’s up next for the Swiss Superman? Find out on Monday Night Raw.

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