El Torito def. Hornswoggle ('WeeLC' Kickoff Match)

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May 04, 2014

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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — It was dubbed “the biggest little match in WWE history.”  The titanic tussle between Hornswoggle and El Torito did not disappoint. After El Torito sent Hornswoggle crashing through a tiny table to earn the victory, the WWE Universe could only chant one thing – “This is awesome!”

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The WWE Universe was not sure what to expect when the leprechaun-turned-rocker and the pint-sized bull locked horns. Their questions were answered before the bell even rang. Nearly everything inside the arena was shrunk down to match the stature of the tiny competitors. Calling the action were Micro Cole, JB-Elf and Jerry “The King” Smaller, a tiny referee officiated the bout, while a mini ring announcer introduced the competitors, giving this battle between WWE’s smallest competitors a big match feel.

Hornswoggle took control of the bout until the first weapon, a tiny chair, came into play. Torito used the seat to launch himself onto the ropes and colliding into his little foe. Thanks to a distraction from his 3MB bandmate Jinder Mahal, Hornswoggle was able to scale to new heights on a step ladder. Though he was initially afraid to jump, the leprechaun leapt off the tiny ladder with a little encouragement. Unfortunately, Torito moved out of the way, leaving Hornswoggle to  crash into the canvas.

While 3MB and Los Matadores neutralized each other at ringside, Hornswoggle regained control bybattering El Torito and laying him out on the miniature announcers’ table. The leprechaun risked life and little  limb with a daring elbow drop off the ring apron and through the table.

After emerging from the pint-sized wreckage, Torito had enough awareness  to avoid a chairshot that sent Heath Slater hurtling through a stack of miniature tables. The tiny bull also prevented Mahal and Drew McIntyre from meddling any more, sending them crashing through undersized  ladders and tables at ringside.

Torito saw Hornswoggle standing in front of a miniature table inside the ring and leapt into action. Seeing red, the bull springboarded from the top rope onto his foe, sending him through the table. The crushing blow was exactly what El Torito needed to earn the three count and etch his name into WWE history by winning the first WeeLC Match. 

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