WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan def. Kane (Extreme Rules Match)

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May 04, 2014

Of course, quit is not a word in the autocorrect of the “Yes!” Man’s cell phone, so he fought back every time he found an opportunity. He slammed into his opponent with a suicide dive and blistered him with the top of the announce table. The champion even fought off an attempted chokeslam through the announce table and countered with a tornado DDT on the arena floor, but nothing Bryan did could stop The Demon. Kane hadn’t seemed this indestructible since he first emerged in WWE to terrorize his brother, The Undertaker.

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When The Demon attempted to Tombstone Bryan on the steel steps again, Bryan fought him off and began to blister him with a kendo stick as the WWE Universe chanted “Yes!” with every swing. The brawl spilled into the bowels of the IZOD Center with Kane pinballing Bryan against the jagged edges of tables and into the unforgiving frames of parked cars. It was here that the WWE World Heavyweight Champion got his hands on a tire iron, which he used to knock The Demon out cold!

Now tasked with moving the motionless body of a 300-pound monster, Bryan ingeniously moved his opponent onto the front of a forklift, then drove the machine back into the arena and toward the ring. After expertly dumping Kane onto the canvas , WWE’s “Yes!” Man climbed on top of the forklift and launched himself onto his fallen challenger with a blistering head butt.

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Kane kicked out, but the exhilaration of the maneuver inspired something in Bryan. He threw himself at the big man with scary intensity, but Kane snatched him out of the air and chokeslammed him to the mat. Bryan powered out of the pin attempt and avoided another Tombstone before obliterating The Demon with 10 chair shots and applying a “Yes!” Lock with the aided pressure of a kendo stick.

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