Who is currently WWE’s most extreme Superstar?

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May 02, 2013

To some Superstars, “extreme” is not just a wrestling style, but rather a state of mind that permeates everything an individual does.

Take, for example, the case of Sheamus. In the last year alone, The Celtic Warrior waged a war against Big Show and The World’s Largest Athlete’s oversized steel chair; he had hard-hitting battles with Europe’s top strikers, Antonio Cesaro and current Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett; and he came as close as anybody to conquering the dogged Shield. Yet, according to fellow Superstar and former roommate Ted DiBiase, Sheamus’ extremeness doesn’t end in the ring.

“Having lived with Sheamus for a little while, I just know what he’s like. He’s crazy,” the third-generation Superstar told WWE.com. “When he trains, it’s extreme. When he eats food, it’s extreme. When he fights and beats people up, he is absolutely extreme, and I think he best defines what Extreme Rules is all about.”

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Similarly, The Prime Time Players’ Titus O’Neil named as most extreme a Superstar who finds adrenaline rushes both inside and outside the squared circle. The Players’ powerhouse chose a man he’s faced often in tag team action, Justin Gabriel.

“That guy literally has no regard for his body,” O’Neil said of "The Cape Town Dare-Wolf." “He does skydiving, rides trick bikes and motorcycles, and inside the ring, he’ll do just about anything as a competitor to entertain the WWE Universe. Given the opportunity, I’m sure he could show a lot more, and I know he will in time.”

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