Who is currently WWE’s most extreme Superstar?

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May 02, 2013

Extreme Rules possesses a truly unique place on the WWE pay-per-view calendar. As the one event of the year that not only condones, but also outright encourages, radical and excessive behavior in the ring, WWE’s annual hardcore holiday might as well borrow a line from Las Vegas’ tourism bureau: What happens at Extreme Rules, stays at Extreme Rules.

Superstars, whether natural-born brawlers or competitors of the more graceful and technical ilk, have the tendency to take greater risks and dial up the danger at Extreme Rules — thanks, in part, to the slew of stipulation matches that constitute the lineup.

But with the event being a maelstrom of mayhem, that begs the question: Who is WWE’s most extreme Superstar? Which competitor is willing to go to the greatest lengths and sacrifice his or her own body in the interest of damaging their opponent’s?

To find out, WWE.com went to the experts themselves — WWE Superstars, commentators and legends — to get their opinions. The responses may just surprise you.

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