Brock Lesnar def. Triple H

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April 22, 2013

Another intrusion inside the steel by Heyman distracted The King of Kings from his opponent long enough for Lesnar to seize the sledgehammer and take a shot at The Game’s dome, but Triple H was ready for both men, cutting the cheap shot short and dishing out Pedigrees to both manager and client. Lesnar kicked out and Heyman landed the shot that would ultimately swing the contest in his client’s favor, hitting Triple H with a low blow that returned the sledgehammer to Lesnar’s hands.

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The Anomaly struck again and this time the steel hit home, felling The Game in receipt for the sledgehammer strike that defeated Lesnar at WrestleMania. With Triple H seeing stars, Lesnar hauled his opponent up on an unstable knee and delivered one final F-5 that sent the already motionless WWE COO crashing, literally and figuratively, down to earth. One three-count later and the deed was done, but Lesnar would not depart before he got his final gloating in.

Having gone through hell and back to claim his revenge, “The Beast Incarnate” laid the sledgehammer on Triple H’s chest in a macabre, funereal display of dominance over the conquered King of Kings. In the end, Lesnar sauntered off into clear skies with Heyman at his side, while Triple H was helped up from a limp heap inside his formerly comforting confines, once claimed as his home and now nothing less than his iron-wrought house of pain.

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