Brock Lesnar def. Triple H

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April 22, 2013

The Anomaly roared back immediately, hurling Triple H against opposite ends of the cage like a ping-pong ball before trapping him between the ropes and chain link, pounding away as if The Game were a heavy bag. Lesnar’s enthusiasm cost him in the process when a flying knee missed Triple H’s head and collided with the cage instead, hobbling “The Beast Incarnate” and giving Triple H a target to keep the fight at an even keel.

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With his knee — and by association, the F-5 — taken away from him, The Anomaly turned to the Kimura Lock and a steel chair tossed into the ring by Heyman. But Triple H was ready for that as well, assaulting Lesnar’s leg before applying a Figure-Four Leglock and, later, a Sharpshooter, in a bid to make Lesnar submit. The Anomaly’s refusal to tap out kept him in the hunt, but The Game again raised the bar with the use of the chair and a hidden sledgehammer painted silver to match the hue of the steel.

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The mix of strategy and hubris (Triple H grinned wildly when he first retrieved his signature implement) would come back to haunt The Game, though. The hammer that has so often been the difference-maker for The King of Kings proved again to be the deciding factor in this bout, but not in the way the 13-time World Champion had hoped.