WWE Champion John Cena vs. Ryback ended in a No Contest (Last Man Standing Match)

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May 19, 2013

Ryback plowed through Cena with his powerhouse offense. Although The Champ attempted his tried and true combinations, the effort seemed almost futile: Ryback brushed off Cena’s classic bulldog variation and ran through The Champ with a Lou Thesz press variant.

The top contender easily maneuvered the outsized Cenation leader. Screaming “easy” as he lifted Cena overhead in a gorilla press slam, Ryback demonstrated his power time and time again. He used a deadlift powerbomb on Cena, as well as a fallaway slam through a table. The latter impact kept the tenacious Cena down for a count of eight.

Ryback averted an Attitude Adjustment and connected with his “Meat hook” Clothesline, but a second attempt at his well-known lariat was reversed into an STF by the cagey WWE Champion. Cena appeared to knock Ryback unconscious, but the challenger made it to his feet at the count of nine.

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Cena kept the momentum going when he countered a Shell Shocked into an Attitude Adjustment through a table — the second splintered table of the contest. Living up to his indestructible reputation, Ryback made it to his feet with one second left on the referee’s count.

As the action spilled into the WWE Universe, fans in the Scottrade Center got a close-up view of the heated battle. In fierce impact, Ryback slammed a piece of board, seemingly from a penalty box, against Cena’s skull. The Cenation leader joined his opponent in pulling out all the stops, later leaping out of the stands to splash Ryback through yet another table. The strategic Cena then got hold of a fire extinguisher, which he used to chase Ryback onto the stage. Two successive strikes with the fire extinguisher almost dropped Ryback for good.

Then, with Ryback positioned for an AA on the stage, fate took a turn for the worse, with Ryback spearing Cena directly into the set. EMTs were called for almost immediately as officials inspected the two warriors’ prone bodies.

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The scary conclusion of the WWE Championship Match leaves in question the status of the WWE Championship scene and Ryback’s position as the top contender. As details emerge about the extent of any injuries suffered tonight, the WWE Universe is left to wonder just how the Cenation leader will recover from his first defense on pay-per-view of his 11th WWE Championship.

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