WWE Champion John Cena vs. Ryback ended in a No Contest (Last Man Standing Match)

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May 19, 2013

ST. LOUIS — Ryback and WWE Champion John Cena threw everything they had at each other during Extreme Rules’ Last Man Standing Match.When the dust settled, it was clear both Superstars had hit the wall – figuratively and literally – and no man was left standing.

Who was the better competitor Sunday night? That remains a subject of debate. On the minds of the entire WWE Universe, meanwhile, is the well-being of the two match participants.

The bout was ruled a No Contest after 20-plus minutes of hard-hitting action culminated with a spectacular collision that not only brought the bout to an end, but also endangered the near-term careers of the WWE Champion and his top contender. While fighting on the entrance stage, Ryback bulldozed the Cenation leader through the entrance stage wall, sending sparks from broken light bulbs flying in the process.

View photos of the mayhem | Watch John Cena refuse medical attention

Although the rules of the contest stipulated the winner must incapacitate his foe to the point of being unable to respond to a 10 count, official Charles Robinson had no choice but to rule the match over when neither The Champ nor Ryback could rise to his feet.

As WWE officials and medical personnel rushed to tend to the battered warriors, the WWE Universe inside Scottrade Center buzzed with excitement over the scene that transpired. Although it is too early to know the condition of either Superstar, Cena was removed from the scene on a stretcher, while Ryback left with assistance from officials. On the Extreme Rules Post-Show, cameras caught Cena removing his neck brace, getting off the gurney under his own power, and refusing further medical attention.

It was clear from the get-go that the Cenation leader was competing at less than full health. To even fight in the No-Disqualification, No-Count-out Match in the first place, The Champ courageously had to battle through a lingering Achilles tendon injury that would portend trouble in the most conventional of match types, let alone a Last Man Standing Match.

As it turns out, Ryback did not need to exploit Cena’s heavily taped ankle to gain an early upper hand. At the bout’s outset, the matchup looked wholly lopsided in the challenger’s favor.

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