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May 13, 2013

ST. LOUIS — The balance of competition is a delicate dance, and when engaged in the brutal ballet that is WWE, a WWE Superstar must always watch one’s step, lest he let his guard down, receive a Codebreaker to the face and find himself staring up at the lights for the first time in his career.

Alas, such was the fate of Fandango, who followed up his standard-setting victorious debut at WrestleMania with his first pinfall defeat at Extreme Rules — against Chris Jericho, the same Superstar he pinned at The Show of Shows, no less. For weeks, the dancing king rode the momentum of his upset victory and made a habit of humiliating Jericho at every available turn. Despite Jericho’s seemingly laid-back attitude at the start of Extreme Rules — he kicked back and caught some Z’s during Fandango’s famous entrance — WWE’s first Undisputed Champion clearly hadn’t taken the insults lightly, if his performance against his rump-shaking rival was any indication.

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Y2J came out swinging from the get-go and Fandango, for his part, answered the call with an up-tempo offense that was utterly lacking in the preening dance breaks he’s been known to indulge in from time to time. Jericho stayed with his opponent the entire time, though, hanging tough and refusing to surrender the momentum even after Fandango nearly repeated his WrestleMania feat and reversed Y2J’s crossbody into a rollup pin attempt.

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The dancing fiend reclaimed the momentum only once, escaping the Walls of Jericho and stunning Jericho with an enzuigiri to the back of his head. With Y2J apparently dazed, Fandango took flight off the top rope to finish the job. Jericho regained his bearings just in time, however, meeting his opponent in air and executing a leaping variation of the aforementioned Codebreaker to leave Fandango pinned for the first time. As they say in the world of dance: It's a perfect 10, babaaaayyy!

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