Will The Anomaly navigate a cagey transition?

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April 27, 2013

The steel walls on a standard UFC Octagon measure 6 feet tall. Gates are built into two sides of the structure, allowing both combatants’ corner men to enter the Octagon between rounds, and the fighting surface area measures 750 square feet. According to the UFC website, the structure was designed with fighters’ safety in mind.

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The well-being of Superstars, in contrast, was far from a primary concern in the construction of WWE’s steel cage. The cage’s steel walls tower over even the tallest of Superstars, clearing the 7-foot tall Big Show by three feet or more. There is only one door in a WWE steel cage, controlled by a WWE official, and instead of vinyl padding on top, a dangerous steel trestle frames the perimeter and is intended to be used as a weapon. The WWE ring measures approximately 400 square feet — meaning less opportunity for fighters to stall or avoid locking up.

It’s clear these two steel domains are not perfectly analogous, but are the disparities between them enough to invalidate the experience Lesnar gleaned while dominating the UFC?

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