10 Superstars who said 'I Quit!'


Keen-eared members of the WWE Universe might have caught Michael Cole taking a little jab at JBL on commentary when discussing the “I Quit” contest between Del Rio and Swagger. He wasn’t just blowing smoke: JBL is one of a record four Superstars who threw in the towel against John Cena, this particular victory coming during The Champ’s defense of the WWE Title at Judgment Day 2005.

The bout was among the more brutal in Cena’s 10-year career, with JBL landing a steel chair strike that drew plasma from The Champ, and Cena retaliating by ramming the Texan’s head into one of the television cameras. JBL only called it a day when Cena threatened to clock him with a steel pipe he ripped off a tractor trailer parked by the entrance … and even that didn’t stop The Champ from cracking JBL with the pipe after the loudmouth longhorn said “I Quit.”