10 Superstars who said 'I Quit!'

Mick Foley

It seems somewhat unfathomable for a Superstar whose reputation hinged on the ability to absorb pain, but Mick Foley is actually winless in his two forays into “I Quit” territory. Granted, both of those losses come with some pretty sizable asterisks attached. The Hardcore Hall of Famer’s first contest under “I Quit” rules — a WWE Title defense against The Rock at the 1999 Royal Rumble — ended under dubious circumstances. An unearthly 10 chair strikes rendered Foley unconscious and it was only a pre-recorded surrender played by The People’s Champion over the arena’s speakers while the champion was face-down on the ground that cost Foley the bout.

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The Hardcore Legend’s “I Quit” encore against Ric Flair six years later ended with similar shenanigans. With tensions broiling over thanks to a years-old insult by Flair (he infamously called Foley a “glorified stuntman”), the three-time WWE Champion had battled “The Nature Boy” to a dead heat when Melina came to Foley’s rescue in a moment of vulnerability. Sensing his moment, Flair wheeled and dealed his way to a win by threatening her with physical harm; given Melina’s longstanding friendship with Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy, it’s no surprise The Hardcore Legend put personal ambition aside and said “I Quit” for the sake of his friend.