10 Superstars who said 'I Quit!'

Bob Backlund

As anyone who witnessed Bob Backlund’s memorable WWE Hall of Fame acceptance speech can attest, the two-time WWE Champion is not a big fan of failure or surrender in any capacity. And even though he technically holds a loss in the “I Quit” column at WrestleMania XI, the legitimacy of Backlund’s defeat is still very much in question almost 20 years later. Facing Bret “Hit Man” Hart on The Grandest Stage of Them All, Backlund not only had to contend with a mat technician every bit as experienced as himself, but also with the added wild card of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper as the guest referee, the potential for shenanigans was running high before the bell even rang.

WrestleMania XI photos | "I feel like God!"

Backlund and The Excellence of Execution clashed in a bout truly worthy of The Show of Shows, but its conclusion was as dubious as it was epic: Hart managed to turn the tables on Backlund, trapping him in his own Crossface Chicken Wing. As “Hit Man” wrestled Backlund to the mat, Piper placed the mic to Backlund’s mouth and, asking if he was going to quit, received an unintelligible scream in response. Piper determined that Backlund’s yell was a cry of submission and called for the bell, giving Hart the victory under the most unusual of circumstances. It would not be the last time this happened.