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April 27, 2012

Most Extreme Moment – Kurt Angle suplexes Shane McMahon through glass

While spearheading WCW’s invasion of WWE in 2001, Shane McMahon homed in on Kurt Angle to assert his stable’s presence. Having mocked the former Olympic gold medalist, McMahon readied for the fight of his life when he took on Angle in a Street Fight at King of the Ring 2001.

Forever respected for his resiliency, McMahon kicked out of one pinfall attempt after another, before the action spilled toward the entrance stage. There, Angle set McMahon up for his patented belly-to-belly suplex. Only, instead of trying to suplex McMahon onto canvas, Angle had another idea in mind: to send the young McMahon flying through a glass door that was part of the King of the Ring entrance set. (WATCH)

The first suplex succeeded in damaging McMahon, but it failed to break the glass. Undeterred, Angle again scooped up McMahon. His mulligan proved much more effective, shattering the glass on impact.