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April 27, 2012

Most Extreme Promo – CM Punk’s “Pipe Bomb”

Perhaps no interview turned WWE on its head more than WWE Champion CM Punk’s infamous “Pipe Bomb” incident from the June 27, 2011, edition of Raw SuperShow. (WATCH)

Sitting legs crossed on the stage as his Money in the Bank opponent John Cena lay writhing in pain in the ring, Punk embarked on a five-minute diatribe that sought to tear down the WWE institution, starting at the top.

“I've grabbed so many of Vincent K. McMahon’s imaginary brass rings that it’s finally dawned on me that they're just that: They're completely imaginary. The only thing that’s real is me.”

While threatening to dethrone then-WWE Champion Cena and leave WWE with the gold in his hands, Punk vented about being an overlooked talent. Proclaiming that he was the absolute best wrestler on the roster, The Second City Saint stated simply, “Nobody can touch me.”

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