WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton def. Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Sheamus, Cesaro & Christian in an Elimination Chamber Match

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February 23, 2014

With four Superstars remaining and the supreme prize at stake, the remaining competitors quickly paired off into their respective rivalries: Bryan dispatched Orton, and Cena laid Cesaro low before the “Yes!” man and the Cenation leader found themselves face-to-face once again. With the “Yes!” movement erupting around them, the two threw civility out the window and brawled like it was SummerSlam all over again. If not for a timely belly-to-back suplex that sent Cena airborne (with Bryan over his shoulders – yes, this was awesome too), Bryan might have seen his WrestleMania dreams snuffed out with impunity.

Cena didn’t wait long to respond to the intruder. The 14-time World Champion hauled Cesaro over the ropes and onto a sheet of Lexan glass with an Attitude Adjustment before ending the Real American’s Herculean effort with an STF moments later. Orton was the next opponent ensnared in the hold, though Bray Wyatt saved the champion’s serpentine skin for the second consecutive defense of his title; he and his Family materialized inside Satan’s Prison and obliterated Cena, allowing Orton to pick the bones and secure his first, ill-gotten elimination of the night.

Full result: The Wyatts vs. The Shield | Photos of their "war"

Here’s where things got complicated.

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