WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton def. Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Sheamus, Cesaro & Christian in an Elimination Chamber Match

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February 23, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS – Four losses in three weeks, five opponents with one common goal, and no escape in sight in a match with zero wins to his name? Randy Orton’s got this.

Despite five Superstars looking to rearrange The Face of WWE into an unrecognizable mush, Orton retained the WWE World Heavyweight Championship inside the Elimination Chamber Sunday night – though he certainly has Kane and The Wyatt Family to thank, in part, for hand-delivering him a pair of get-out-of-jail-free cards inside Satan’s Prison.

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The match started as a thuggish brawl between Sheamus and Cesaro, who wasted no time resuming their fisticuffs from their tag match two weeks earlier on Raw. In an opening sequence that channeled the ruthless spirit of the Elimination Chamber, a full two minutes of ground-and-pound uppercuts and shoulders passed before anyone attempted something resembling a wrestling move: a neckbreaker by The Celtic Warrior.

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The Chamber itself reared its head early on, when Cesaro’s first tumble over the ropes and onto the steel grate robbed him of his imperious swagger almost immediately. The former U.S. Champion slowed down The Celtic Warrior by targeting his surgically-repaired shoulder, then taking the wind out of him with a top-rope stomp to the ribcage. The Real American used his trademark uppercuts to their fullest advantage, backing Sheamus into a corner until the clock finally struck zero …

And that’s when – YES! – Daniel Bryan entered the fray.

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