The Wyatt Family def. The Shield

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February 23, 2014

Seth Rollins dives onto Luke Harper at Elimination Chamber 2014

The might of the powerful Wyatt Family soon proved too much for the smaller Rollins to handle. Harper and Rowan pounded him into the canvas, leaving the bones to pick for Wyatt. There was little Ambrose or Reigns could do as they watched The Wyatts pick their partner apart. The unstable Ambrose tried to break up a pin, only to catch a big boot to the face from Harper.

With Reigns and the WWE Universe willing him on, Rollins scrambled to his corner and tagged in The Shield’s juggernaut. Reigns pounced into action, muscling Erick Rowan around with ease. When The Wyatts thought they had the powerhouse slowed down, Reigns outsmarted them.

The match quickly devolved into even greater anarchy; the hulking Luke Harper surprisingly dove through the ropes onto Ambrose and Wyatt, while Rollins followed up with a breathtaking leap of his own. Ambrose and Wyatt brawled over the barricade into the Target Center crowd. The Wyatt Family patriarch made his way back to ringside by himself, ready to orchestrate chaos. Bray watched as his monsters climbed atop the announcers’ table with Seth Rollins in their clutches, then slammed him viciously through the Spanish announce team’s table.

That left Reigns in the ring with all three Wyatts, where the juggernaut was seemingly outmatched. Bray Wyatt had Reigns in position for Sister Abigail, but incredibly, The Hound of Justice muscled his way out. Roman Reigns then unleashed his fury on the creepy clan, landing two Superman Punches on Rowan and Wyatt. He had Bray Wyatt sized up for the spear, but Luke Harper took the blow for his family member. That left Wyatt fresh enough to hit Sister Abigail and pin Reigns to pick up the victory for his team.

Though the WWE Universe was left in awe of the brutal match they had just witnessed, there were questions left to be answered afterward. What happened to Dean Ambrose, who disappeared after trading blows with Bray Wyatt? And though The Wyatt Family claimed victory at Elimination Chamber, will The Shield let this be the last battle in this war between WWE’s two most dominant factions?

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