The Wyatt Family def. The Shield

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February 23, 2014

The Shield brawl with The Wyatt Family at Elimination Chamber 2014

MINNEAPOLISBray Wyatt brazenly declared that war was his favorite game in the build-up to his monstrous family’s showdown with The Shield at Elimination Chamber 2014. In a battle that was every bit the conflict it was predicted to be, Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan showed just how dominating they are on the battlefield, emerging victorious over The Hounds of Justice when Bray Wyatt floored Roman Reigns with Sister Abigail.

The capacity crowd gathered in the Target Center was on its feet in anticipation before the bell even rang, watching and waiting for the two factions to collide. The WWE Universe declared “This is awesome” before the six Superstars even came into contact with each other. Despite rumblings that there may be a crack in The Shield, Seth Rollins, United States Champion Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns stood strong in the specter of their terrifying foes before the bout.

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There was nothing the lone official assigned to this bout could do to control the chaos as the two factions stared each other down. Ambrose then charged into the Wyatt Family ranks, getting a few shots in on Bray Wyatt before the eerie trio retreated from the ring.

Rollins used his speed at the official start of the contest to send Rowan staggering back into The Shield’s corner. The massive Rowan eventually steamrolled his way out, turning Rollins inside-out with a mounstrous shoulder block. The Shield’s architect soon wriggled free from Bray Wyatt’s grasp and sent Reigns into battle. From there, the juggernaut tagged Wyatt with a big right hand, which the family patriarch was more than happy to return in kind.

The Shield’s teamwork was on point at Elimination Chamber. They used quick tags to control the pace of the bout and keep The Wyatts in their corner. Though Ambrose stunned Harper with a flurry of wild strikes, Harper stopped him in his tracks with a surprising dropkick.

That allowed The Wyatts to take control, with Harper and Wyatt working over Ambrose and Rollins. Just when Harper thought he had Rollins in a precarious position on the top rope, the speedy Hound of Justice shocked him, flipping out of a German suplex off the ropes, landing on his feet. The Shield’s architect sent Harper crashing to the floor, then dove over the ropes onto the big man as the WWE Universe exploded in amazement.

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