WWE Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws def. The Usos

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February 23, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS – Elimination Chamber pitted two tag teams divided by a generation: WWE Tag Team Champions and Attitude Era icons The New Age Outlaws against the twin Usos. In a battle of high-flying youth against experience, Road Dogg & Billy Gunn once again silenced all the naysayers by defeating The Usos and proving why – 14 years after their last title reign – they are the best tag team in WWE.

With the illustrious career of The New Age Outlaws available to review on WWE Network, they've never faced a pair of identical twins with impeccable teamwork. One of the most exciting duos in WWE today, The Usos’ family history certainly lends credence to the idea that perhaps Jimmy and Jey are destined for tag team glory. Though The New Age Outlaws have certainly proved they’ve still got “it” since winning the WWE Tag Team Titles at WWE Royal Rumble, blood runs thicker than water, and the undeniable bond between The Usos has garnered them a great deal of success over the past year.

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Channeling their legendary Anoa’i bloodline, the twin sons of Rikishi – a former World Tag Team Champion as part of The Headshrinkers – were charged and ready to make The New Age Outlaws regret their return. Early in the contest, Billy Gunn tried to assert his dominance, but the agility and uncanny teamwork of The Usos sent both Gunn and Road Dogg reeling and recalibrating their strategy.

In an effort to stop the high-flyers in their tracks, The Outlaws began to implement more unorthodox tactics, including tossing Jey Uso into the corner and unleashing a methodical and brutal offensive that highlighted what has made The New Age Outlaws so successful over the years. However, in their numerous battles and ultimate quest for the WWE Tag Team Championship, The Usos have proven their resilience; with the WWE Universe rallying behind him, Jey fought back and managed to tag in his brother, who took control of the bout.

With the action spilling to the outside of the ring, Jimmy was temporarily stunned after diving over the ropes and colliding head-to-head with Road Dogg. Jimmy then made his way back into the squared circle in an attempt to pick up the victory against Billy Gunn.

With victory only a superkick away, Road Dogg distracted Jimmy and was hit with the kick intended for Gunn. Displaying the very experience that has led them to tag team championship glory six times, Gunn capitalized on his partner’s diversion and rolled up Jimmy Uso to secure the victory.

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