Elimination Chamber 2014 predictions

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February 20, 2014

Intercontinental Champion Big E vs. Jack Swagger

Joey Styles: Big E regularly competes on every WWE television program except for “Total Divas,” and he seems to grow weekly — both from an experience standpoint and physically. I swear he keeps getting more muscular. He’s gotten so damn big that he no longer has room for a last name! I have all the respect in the world for Jack Swagger, but Big E’s powerful legs make him the worst possible opponent for the Patriot Lock. I see Big E muscling out of the hold at least twice before retaining the title with the Big Ending. WINNER: Big E

John Clapp: Given the competitors’ credentials, athleticism and overall toughness, this match feels like something plucked off a Mid-South Wrestling card from the ’80s. If Big E avoids Swagger’s superior mat game and remains mindful of the Patriot Lock, he’s golden. Actually, on second thought, does The Real American even possess the strength to make the Intercontinental Champion tap? WINNER: Big E

Alex Giannini: Under Zeb Colter’s…let’s call it, unconventional…tutelage, both Jack Swagger and Cesaro have done quite well for themselves lately, and I’m predicting a huge night for The Real Americans. This includes an upset victory by Swagger over the monstrously strong Big E. I’m betting on Swagger to out-wrestle the big man, snap in the Patriot Lock and cinch up a huge title win. WINNER: Jack Swagger

Anthony Benigno: One of the underrated aspects of sports-entertainment is a wrestling match that mutates into a full-on fight. This bout between the surging Big E and the got-his-swagger-back Jack Swagger figures to be that match at Elimination Chamber. Look for Swagger to complete his rebound at the onset of both a new Intercontinental Champion and an epic rivalry. We the People. WINNER: Jack Swagger

Jake Grate: Although his seemingly limitless talent has never been in doubt, Swagger has fallen on tough times of late, watching as Zeb Colter’s other patriotic pupil, Cesaro, has picked up momentum and fought his way into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match. I expect Swagger to turn things around, but not at Elimination Chamber and not against Big E, who is in the midst of a dominant run himself. WINNER: Big E

Big E: 3, Jack Swagger: 2

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