Elimination Chamber 2014 predictions

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February 20, 2014

Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel (Kickoff Match)

Joey Styles: Ryback & Curtis Axel are two successful singles wrestlers who forced themselves together as a team after declaring their independence from Paul Heyman. The Rhodes brothers are bound by blood and have already won the WWE Tag Team Titles. Do I think Ryback & Curtis Axel can beat Goldust & Cody Rhodes in singles matches? Yes. Do I think they can work cohesively enough to beat the sons of “The American Dream” in tag team wrestling, which requires a very different strategy? No. WINNERS: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

John Clapp: Both teams are jockeying for position in a crowded tag division, which must frustrate Cody Rhodes & Goldust to no end. I’d normally consider the former WWE Tag Team Champions the clear favorites, but Ryback & Axel feel like they’re on the brink of a tag team breakthrough, and the thrilling Rhodes brothers might still be vulnerable following their title loss at Royal Rumble. It’s an upset, but I’m going with Rybaxel. WINNERS: Ryback & Curtis Axel

Alex Giannini: The Rhodes brothers need a win, plain and simple. Riding a bit of a downward spiral since losing their WWE Tag Team Titles to The New Age Outlaws, Cody & Goldust are trapped in a malaise to be cured only by a Kickoff Match victory. They’ll get that “W” here against Rybaxel, and the brothers will get back on track soon after. WINNERS: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

Anthony Benigno: The former Heyman Guys get their most visible test yet against the former WWE Tag Team Champions, who have stayed strong in the race since losing their titles a month ago. “The Brotherhood’s” bond is tough to overcome, yet Rybaxel has been waiting in the wings long enough. They’re ready to take the next step. WINNERS: Ryback & Curtis Axel

Jake Grate: Will the Rhodes boys stake their claim of being the next rightful No. 1 contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championships? Or, will a dangerous duo in Rybaxel emerge as a new force in the tag team division? I think both will end up being true. This Sunday, however, Cody & Goldust start on their “Rhodes” to a WWE Tag Team Title rematch at WrestleMania XXX. WINNERS: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

Cody Rhodes & Goldust: 3, Ryback & Curtis Axel: 2

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