Cody Rhodes & Goldust def. Ryback & Curtis Axel (Kickoff Match)

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February 23, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS – After losing the WWE Tag Team Titles to The New Age Outlaws at Royal Rumble, Cody Rhodes & Goldust proved that they are still major players in WWE’s tag team division with a rousing and decisive victory over Ryback & Curtis Axel on Elimination Chamber Kickoff.

As the WWE Universe around the world watched on, the WWE App, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pheed, Pinterest and Samsung SMART TVs, Ryback & Axel – who were escorted to the ring by Axel’s grandfather and all-time in-ring great Larry “The Axe” Hennig – quickly found themselves under attack from the motivated and spirited Rhodes brothers.

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Goldust started off by working over Axel, unloading on the third-generation Superstar. When both competitors tagged out, Ryback turned the tables on Cody with his immense strength. The former Paul Heyman protégés utilized excellent teamwork as they took turns beating on the younger Rhodes brother.

When Cody recovered and sent both Ryback and Axel over the ropes, Dusty Rhodes’ sons showed they, too, have tremendous teamwork, hitting a breathtaking, synchronized aerial attack off the apron on their ringside foes.

Back in the ring, Ryback used his raw power to ground Goldust, and he and Axel took turns thumping The Bizarre One. A savvy veteran, Goldust persevered through a big dropkick from Axel and dangerously close pin attempts, turning the tables with a high-risk hurricanrana off the ropes.

Cody tagged in and unleashed on Axel with vicious knees and his signature moonsault, although Axel somehow kicked out. Cody kept the pressure on with a ring-shaking Alabama Slam. When Ryback pulled the former Intercontinental Champion out of the ring and tried to batter him at ringside, he hit an innovative Disaster Kick on the “Big Guy” off the steel steps. As Goldust and Ryback duked it out at ringside, Cody used a nifty reversal to nail Axel with Cross Rhodes for the win.

Although they were unable to pick up the “W,” Ryback & Axel again showed that their skillsets make for an ideal pairing and that they remain a dangerous duo in WWE’s stronger-than-ever tag team division.

Meanwhile, the final stop on The Road to WrestleMania was a successful and impressive one for “The Brotherhood.” But was it enough to earn the WWE fan favorites another WWE Tag Team Championship Match?

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