Intercontinental Champion Big E def. Jack Swagger

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February 23, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS – Though he overcame stiff odds just to get here, Jack Swagger fell just short in his bid to claim Big E’s Intercontinental Title at Elimination Chamber Sunday night. Earning the opportunity to challenge the dominant champion by prevailing in a SmackDown Fatal 4-Way No. 1 Contender’s Match, the Real American lost a hard-fought battle that showed how truly formidable the reigning titleholder is.

Photos of the brutal back-and-forth | Elimination Chamber exclusives

The bout between the two former amateur wrestling standouts was everything the WWE Universe could expect, as both competitors demonstrated impressive athleticism for Superstars of their stature. Combining strength with technical know-how andpunishing power moves with classic holds, the brutal back-and-forth couldn’t be contained within the confines of the ring. With the action spilling to the outside in the early stages, Big E nearly cut Swagger in half with a spear into the steel steps. The Real American responded, however, with a monstrous clothesline that sent the champion crashing to the ringside floor.

When the fight returned to the ring, Swagger looked to capitalize with a big boot before attempting to take the titleholder down to the mat. However, Big E fought his way back into the match, and the two competitors traded belly-to-belly suplexes and massive clotheslines. The Intercontinental Champion then nailed his challenger with a spear through the ropes that sent both Superstars flying off the apron and crashing to the ringside floor.

Back inside the ring, Swagger thwarted Big E’s top-rope attempt with a massive suplex, then cinched in his Patriot Lock. It appeared as though the WWE Universe would bear witness to a title change in Elimination Chamber’s opening bout, but the champion powered through. When Swagger re-engaged his signature hold, Big E reversed with a stunning enziguri kick to the Real American’s head, followed by a ring-shaking Big Ending and the three-count.

Though Bad News Barrett interrupted the champion’s post-match celebration, Big E’s Intercontinental Championship was secured. One of the most promising rising stars WWE has seen in years, Big E may well be on track for an historic reign as Intercontinental Champion. 

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