10 Elimination Chamber One-Hit Wonders

Booker T (Survivor Series 2002)

Booker T is a five-time (“five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time”) WCW Champion, but did you know he is also a one-time Chamber participant? Though SmackDown’s main man only competed in a single Chamber, he made it count, taking part in the very first Elimination Chamber Match all the way back in 2002. More than a historical footnote, Booker T was responsible for the Chamber’s first official elimination when he ousted Rob Van Dam with a missile dropkick. Unfortunately for Booker, he didn’t fare much better than Van Dam: After eating a Chokeslam from Kane and a Lionsault from Chris Jericho in succession, Booker T found himself the second Superstar to be eliminated.