Divas Champion Kaitlyn def. Tamina Snuka

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February 17, 2013

NEW ORLEANS — At Elimination Chamber, Kaitlyn emerged victorious over the wild Tamina Snuka to defend the Divas Championship successfully for the first time. (PHOTOS)

The match between the two determined Divas was action-packed from the start. Kaitlyn responded to unsportsmanlike shoves from her single-minded opponent with offense of her own, dropping Tamina to the canvas and then kicking her to ringside. Tamina answered by harshly pulling the champion into the ring post as the action heated up.

Each Diva came within nanoseconds of victory with near falls, but it looked like it was to be Tamina’s night after she hit a Samoan Drop on the champion and set up for the Superfly Splash. Kaityln had other plans, however, dodging the high-risk aerial attack at the last second. Seizing the moment and hitting her dazed adversary with a rib-rattling spear, The Hybrid Diva secured the three-count for a dramatic and hard-earned first title defense.

After rising to the top on pure desire, the powerhouse beauty had captured the butterfly-emblazoned title from Eve, electrifying her hometown crowd in Houston on the 20th anniversary of Raw. But despite her determination and obvious ability, many thought the intimidating Tamina would Superfly Splash Kaitlyn’s reign right out of existence.

Tamina has always stood as one of the tougher Divas ever to set foot in a WWE ring. With untamed aggression and high-flying skills passed down from her father — WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka — and a fierce style all her own, the leonine Diva presented a truly daunting challenge. And she had her eye on Kaitlyn’s Divas Title for several weeks prior to the pay-per-view, going so far as to mix it up against the titleholder in a Lumberjill Match that devolved into chaos. But despite Tamina’s aggression, Kaitlyn proved once again that she is not a competitor to be taken lightly.

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