Brodus Clay & Tensai def. Team Rhodes Scholars (Pre-Show)

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February 17, 2013

NEW ORLEANS – If there’s one lesson that Team Rhodes Scholars could still use, it’s a dance class. Following a recent amicable split, Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow reunited for one night only on the Elimination Chamber Pre-Show, which streamed live on, YouTube and WWE Active on the WWE app. Despite the “best of friends” brainiacs’ previous success as a duo, the pair couldn’t find the moves to tango with Brodus Clay & Tensai. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

The Funkasaurus and Japanese-influenced powerhouse have quickly become one of WWE’s most popular tandems after competing against each other in a Dance-Off on Raw Roulette last month. (WATCH) Learning from his new funky pal, Tensai has somewhat sweetened his hardened demeanor and has even begun to hear cheers from the WWE Universe, all thanks to a groovy new disposition. Together, the discoing duo has already dispatched teams like 3MB (WATCH) and Primo & Epico. On Sunday, it was the Scholars’ turn.

Once the bell rang, the big man from Planet Funk schooled Sandow with an impressive display of power, but it wasn’t long before the arrogant athletes took control. The former star in Japan took too long grooving on the turnbuckle and missed a maneuver, allowing Cody to nail him with an impactful Disaster Kick. Damien’s Cobito Acquiet was next, straight into the heart of the downed Tensai. Neither Rhodes nor Sandow allowed the WWE Universe to forget they were witnessing a “REUNION!” on par with Fleetwood Mac. It’s unclear, though, who would be the Stevie Nicks of the group.

Things soon began to unravel for Team Rhodes Scholars, unable to contain the funky might of the two behemoths. A pair of headbutts and a huge double-team splash later, Rhodes was pinned by Brodus and you didn’t need a Silver Linings Playbook to determine the better dancers on this night.

After the victory, Tensai – who had entered the ring with a stylish Kangol cap – still seemed reluctant to join his cheerful chum in a post-match boogie. But the mood soon changed, and the New Orleans crowd was treated to jazzy jam, leaving fans unsure if they were in an arena or on Bourbon Street.

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