United States Champion Antonio Cesaro def. The Miz

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February 17, 2013

The day before Americans celebrate Presidents Day, The Miz offered up his patriotic best in an effort to bring home the United States Championship. Unfortunately for the land of the free and home of the brave, The Swiss Superman, Antonio Cesaro, had other plans.

For more than a month, The Awesome One and the U.S. Champion have traded barbs — and more than a few punches. At Royal Rumble, Cesaro powered his way to a win over Miz to retain his title. Now, in his second straight pay-per-view victory over the former U.S. Champion, Cesaro has established himself as no fluke, but a solidly formidable force. With his considerable strength on display, the outspoken Superstar left the usually loquacious Miz speechless when he hit the Neutralizer to end the match. (PHOTOS)

All the more disappointing considering Miz had jumped out to an early advantage, rolling up the Swiss strongman for several two-counts despite an injured shoulder. After Cesaro found his footing, he began to work over that left shoulder. At one point, in an impressive show of might, Cesaro caught Miz in mid-air after he leaped out of the ring onto the U.S. Champion. The Awesome One would turn the tide, however, and nearly snap on the Figure-Four Leglock. It would all be for naught, though.

While attempting to lock on the hold, Miz unintentionally hit Cesaro with a low blow. The accidental strike was enough for referee Charles Robinson to call the match for Cesaro due to disqualification. Afterward, a disappointed Miz took out his frustration on the Swiss Superstar’s crotch, kicking him for real this time.

Although Miz was unable to overthrow Cesaro, there’s little question that a revolution is brewing to ensure the U.S. Title finds its way into the hands of a less arrogant, more deserving champion. The only question remaining is, Will Miz once again lay it all on the line for the stars and stripes?

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