Chamber of Horrors: 10 most vicious moments

Cena adjusts the AA

If there is one common trait that bonds all great Elimination Chamber performers, it is the ability to adapt. For all its hazards, the devious structure also offers Superstars new and exciting options for inflicting pain on their competition, and it was perhaps with that in mind that John Cena hoisted Ted DiBiase from the onto the steel floor with an  Attitude Adjustment in 2010. The WWE Universe has witnessed the Cenation leader deliver Attitude Adjustments off the roof of a car, off an excavator and off an ambulance, but it was without the benefit of a really high platform that Cena executed one of his most painful-looking Attitude Adjustments of all time. DiBiase fought mightily, grabbing hold of the top rope and trying to wiggle free, but it was all for naught. The force of Cena’s Attitude Adjustment was such that DiBiase’s body rotated more than usual, causing his tailbone to snap against the steel upon landing. (DIBIASE DISCUSSES ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT)