Chamber of Horrors: 10 most vicious moments

Innovation creates devastation

For much of his WWE career, the affable Kofi Kingston has battled the perception that he lacks the intensity needed to be a serious contender to a World Title. At Elimination Chamber 2012, The Dreadlocked Dynamo unleashed a move so vicious that it made even most stubborn naysayers eat their words. With Dolph Ziggler standing on the Chamber’s steel floor, the acrobatic Kingston springboarded from the top rope to the cage wall, and from there, he spun into a Tornado DDT on The Showoff. Spiking Ziggler head-first onto the steel, The Boom Squad General proved it’s possible for a move to be both aesthetically amazing and physically punishing.

These 10 hand-selected moments, though, represent only a fraction of the toil Superstars have endured inside the Elimination Chamber. With the Elimination Chamber Match slated to return this Sunday, Feb. 17, who’s to say what horror awaits the six Superstars when they enter Satan’s Prison? (HOW TO WATCH)