Jeff Hardy def. Matt Hardy ("I Quit" Match)

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April 26, 2009

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - With every member of the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats at Backlash, Jeff Hardy emerged victorious from the smoke of unspeakable sibling rivalry, making his rage-filled brother, Matt, say the shocking words "I quit."  (PHOTOS)

The explosive match proved to be an absolutely epic battle from start to finish, fueled by a deeply personal animosity that could only be found inside the extreme dysfunction of blood brothers gone awry. After both Superstars attempted everything they could to make the other utter the dreaded words, Jeff pulled out the heavy artillery, securing Matt to a table before threatening to descend upon him from the top of the ladder. After pleading in fear, Matt finally had no choice but to say "I quit" for all of the capacity crowd to hear. Despite his brother's surrender, Jeff chose to plunge down upon him anyway, finally earning his retribution.

The intense hatred that Matt Hardy had for his brother first came to light when he stunned the WWE Universe at the Royal Rumble, hitting Jeff with a steel chair to cost his own younger brother the WWE Championship. In the weeks to come, the elder Hardy began using an unspeakable combination of unending jealousy and ruthless wrath to attempt to erase Jeff from both his memory and that of the WWE Universe. Although Jeff resisted battling Matt at first, once it became clear that his brother may have been responsible for the recent tragedies that have consumed his life, he came back at Matt with absolute fury.

The two brothers faced off in two brutal confrontations, first a larger-than-life Extreme Rules battle at WrestleMania and then a crippling Stretcher Match of complete carnage on SmackDown. Both matches saw Matt emerge triumphant. The Hardys also traded guerrilla-like attacks across all brands and even brought their intensity into tag team action, all leading to their fateful Backlash showdown.

Jeff Hardy has found victory over Matt by utilizing one of the most personal tests of intestinal fortitude that the squared-circle can offer. But after three monumental clashes, the question remains whether it will be enough to quell the raging fires of animosity living inside both Hardys.

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