World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker vs. Batista (Draw; Last Man Standing Match)

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April 29, 2007

ATLANTA -- World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker and Batista both walked into Philips Arena with plans of victory in the Last Man Standing Match, where the key to victory is to incapacitate your opponent to the point where they cannot answer a 10-count from the referee. However, both men were left battered and beaten, unable to answer referee Mickie Henson's 10-count -- resulting in a draw. (In the case of a draw, the championship leaves the same way it arrived, with the champion.)

In an incredibly brutal Last Man Standing Match, both The Phenom and The Animal pushed each other to the edge, and in the end, after numerous nail-biting nine-counts, neither was able to answer the count. A powerful spear from Batista sent both men flying off the Backlash stage and crashing to the ground below them causing the draw -- and keeping the title with Undertaker.

The Deadman and The Animal have had a heated rivalry over the richest prize in the business, with each man pushing the other to the limit. After their WrestleMania 23 encounter, when Undertaker defeated Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship, Batista has been intense in his quest to regain the title. On this night, however, that intensity led to the draw and a missed opportunity for The Animal at regaining gold.

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