Women's Champion Melina def. Mickie James

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April 29, 2007

ATLANTA -- When discussing the greatest rivalries, match ups like the Red Sox vs. Yankees and Coke vs. Pepsi inevitably come to mind. Now, the names of two of the Sexiest Women on Television can be added to the list: Melina and Mickie James. 

Women's Champion Melina has aggressively punished anyone who has attempted to take her coveted title, but that hasn't deterred Mickie, who lost the Championship to Melina on Raw back in February. At Backlash, Mickie put up one heck of a fight, but couldn't overcome Melina's relentless assault.

Throughout the match, Melina's use of controversial techniques involving the ropes, pulling her challenger's hair and even feigning an injury proved too much for fan-favorite Mickie. At one point in the highly athletic match, Mickie went to the top rope for a high-flying attack that thrilled the fans, but failed to stop Melina's momentum. Moments later, a reverse DDT from Melina allowed the Women's Champion to secure a pin and retain her title. 

When WWE.com caught up with Melina after her match, she kept her statements short and to the point: "Like I've said before, to get this title you have to want it more than I do. Nobody wants it more than I do, so go ahead and try to take it away from me -- you will fail."

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