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Ringtones & Wallpapers

What is the difference between "true tones" and polyphonic ringtones?
"True tones" refer to master music tones. Master music tones are a new ringtone format for some mobile phone models. They allow a clip or sample of the actual recording of a song to be played as an alert or ring on your phone.

Polyphonic ringtones play a programmed version of a song through a small synthesizer chip on your phone to get the various instrument sounds. They mimic multiple instruments in the song to produce a semi-realistic representation of the song.

What are voicetones?
Voicetones are sound clips with people talking. When formatted for your phone, you can use them to notify you when you receive a call just like you would with any other type of ringtone.

How do I know when I have received a ringtone or wallpaper?
On most handsets, a text message or "WAP Push" message will appear. This message will take you to a page where you can confirm your purchase. After you confirm, the ringtone or wallpaper will download to your phone. (Messages on phones may vary by model and carrier).

Why did my ringtone/wallpaper not arrive?
It can take up to several minutes for ringtones and wallpapers to arrive. Make sure that your phone is compatible to download this feature, that text messaging and the Internet are enabled and that your connection is available at the time of download. If the download failed to work, you may be in a subsection of a carrier that we cannot reach, or the carrier's network is busy.

My ringtone/wallpaper arrived but when I try to download I receive an error message. What is happening?
Your mobile phone might not be compatible to download ringtones and/or wallpapers or an Internet connection may not be available through your wireless carrier.

Is my mobile phone compatible for color wallpapers?
Color wallpapers are only downloadable on mobile phones with color screens. To download color wallpapers, you need an Internet capable phone and an Internet connection included in your subscription plan.  Check your mobile plan to see if your phone has these abilities.

Is my cell phone compatible with ringtones?
To download ringtones and images, your cell phone must be text- and Internet-enabled, and these features must be offered in your subscription plan.  Check your phone's capability in your User Manual or your carrier's website for more details.

Is my cell phone compatible with "true tones?"
To download "true tones," your cell phone must have the ability to play them. Not all phones have this capability. Please check your phone's capability in your User Manual or on your carrier's website for more details.

Is my cell phone compatible for voicetones?
To download voicetones, your specific mobile phone model must have that capability. Although voicetones are downloaded the same way as polyphonic ringtones, they require special features on your phone to play back correctly. Not all phones have those features. Check your phone's capability in your User Manual for more details.

How come my phone can get polyphonic ringtones but not the true tones and voicetones?
Though true ringtones are downloaded the same way as polyphonic tones, they require special features on your phone to play back correctly. Only a subset of phones has those features. Be sure to check your phone's capabilities in your User Manual.

I have a compatible phone with text-messaging and Internet service enabled, but still can't download my ringtone/wallpaper. What do I do?
If the download was unsuccessful, check your phone's available space. You may need to delete some items to make room for the product. Check your phone's manual for more information about managing memory. If this does not solve the problem, contact your carrier's Customer Support for more information. 

Can I send my cool new ringtone or image to all of my friends once I've downloaded it?
No. A ringtone or image can only be downloaded to a single phone model. You are expressly prohibited from transmitting, distributing, reproducing and modifying any ringtone or image downloaded.

How do I assign a wallpaper/screensaver as my background image?
Depending on which phone you own, directions may vary. Please refer to your phone's User Manual to see the specific method for your phone.

How do I assign a ringtone as my default ring?
Depending on which phone you own, directions may vary. With most phones you may follow these directions:

1. Click on the "menu" button. If your phone's main menu does not have a "Ringtones" option then select the "Settings," option. If your phone has a "Ringtones" option here, select it and then skip to Step 3.

2. Select "rings/sounds," or "Ring/Vibe" and then select "style," or select "Ring Type."

3. Here you will find a listing of your ringtones: select the one that you want as your desired ring tone. Click "assign" to assign which actions you'd like the ring tone to function on and then click done.
If you need further assistance please refer to your phone's User Manual.


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