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SmackDown Results: Bryan helped Big Show even the odds; RVD sent an Extreme message to Del Rio

With WWE Battleground two days away, Daniel Bryan helped Big Show battle overwhelming odds, RVD and Alberto Del Rio tuned up for their Hardcore clash and major pay-per-view matches were made!

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SmackDown Results: Bryan def. Barrett in Steel Cage Match; Orton strikes with venomous fury

Just five days after SummerSlam, Daniel Bryan set his sights on WWE Champion Randy Orton before stepping into a steel cage against The Barrett Barrage.

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What’s more effective: strength in numbers or going it alone?

As monumental threats like The Shield and the rhythmic terror that is 3MB bring exposure and success to those who once lived in the shadows of the squared circle, WWE.com explores the question: Is strength-in-numbers a better path to success than the glory a Superstar captures by going it alone?

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SmackDown results: Sheamus conquered Barrett; Big Show's KO Punch proved on the 'Money'

Surrounded by Superstars, Word Heavyweight Champion Sheamus went head-to-head with The Barrett Barrage for the third time in two weeks, while The World's Largest Athlete made a earth-shattering statement to both The Great White and Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton made The Miz's horrific week even worse.

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SmackDown results: After unleashing a fierce sneak attack on Alberto Del Rio, The Viper tabled Rodriguez with the devastating RKO!

Alberto Del Rio and WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan squared off in a furious SmackDown main event. But, with Randy Orton tweeting his intention to return to the blue brand earlier in the week, there was no telling when or where The Viper would strike.

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DiBiase responds to Mahal: “Be a man!”

Following Jinder Mahal’s vicious verbal attack on SmackDown, Ted DiBiase has some strong words of his own for the Punjabi Superstar.

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