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SmackDown results: Sheamus conquered Barrett; Big Show's KO Punch proved on the 'Money'

Surrounded by Superstars, Word Heavyweight Champion Sheamus went head-to-head with The Barrett Barrage for the third time in two weeks, while The World's Largest Athlete made a earth-shattering statement to both The Great White and Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton made The Miz's horrific week even worse.

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WWE.com goes inside a very special DiBiase Posse Party

For the first time, Ted DiBiase turned his fans' traditional tailgate into a shindig of his own making, and the WWE Universe was more than happy with the outcome.

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DiBiase responds to Mahal: “Be a man!”

Following Jinder Mahal’s vicious verbal attack on SmackDown, Ted DiBiase has some strong words of his own for the Punjabi Superstar.

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Ted and Cody yield role reversal for Rhodes and DiBiase families

The rivalry between Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase traces back two decades ago to the clashes between their fathers, Dusty Rhodes and "The Million Dollar Man."

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Earth to Ted: Ditch Cody!

Ted DiBiase has eaten an RKO, been pummeled by Ezekiel Jackson, and endured paper bags filled with humiliation from his supposed mentor, Cody Rhodes. Ted, the WWE Universe wants to know: Why are you putting up with it?

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SmackDown results: Rage outside the cage

Although Christian picked up a rewarding victory over arch-rival Alberto Del Rio in a Steel Cage Match, Del Rio gained significant WrestleMania momentum by stinging World Heavyweight Champion Edge with a painful Con-Chair-To.

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