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SmackDown LIVE Results — Jan. 29, 2015: Daniel Bryan closed the casket on Kane; Triple H teased a monumental announcement

Get full results of SmackDown Live as Daniel Bryan battled former Team Hell No partner Kane in a Casket Match, Triple H teased a major Raw announcement regarding the Royal Rumble Match's finish and much more.

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SmackDown Results: Triple H foiled Mr. McMahon’s plan to cost Bryan a huge SmackDown victory

Experience the chaos that unfolded when WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon attempted to sabotage the vicious No Disqualification main event between Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett on the final SmackDown before this Sunday's monumental SummerSlam pay-per-view.

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SmackDown Results: Orton pinned World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio; Vickie Guerrero and RVD returned!

Fresh off his Money in the Bank All-Stars victory, find out what happened when Randy Orton clashed with World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio in a volatile SmackDown main event.

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The Corporate Ministry: A History

With the landmark 700th episode of SmackDown upon us, looks back at its pilot episode and tells the full story of what was, perhaps, the most terrifying stable in the history of sports-entertainment: The Corporate Ministry.

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Elitist vs. The Common Man: Archetypes Collide at Money in the Bank

As Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio prepare to finally clash inside the ring at Money in the Bank, they will be added to a long list of similar rivalries in WWE lore. But will championship gold adorn the common man’s waist, or will it be added to the already extravagant collection of an elitist?

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'No Way Out' of being fired?

No matter who emerges victorious from the Steel Cage Match at WWE No Way Out, one thing is set in stone — one way or another, someone is getting fired as a result of the match. Whether that person will be John Laurinaitis or John Cena is left to be seen.

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