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SmackDown results: Sheamus and Big Show brought the anarchy before the ‘Hell’

Two days before World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and Big Show were set to battle one-on-one for the first time ever at Hell in a Cell – in an explosive showdown for the World Title – the two absolute forces of nature unleashed anarchy in the final moments of SmackDown. Witness the fallout as the blue brand was left in chaos.

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SmackDown results: After unleashing a fierce sneak attack on Alberto Del Rio, The Viper tabled Rodriguez with the devastating RKO!

Alberto Del Rio and WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan squared off in a furious SmackDown main event. But, with Randy Orton tweeting his intention to return to the blue brand earlier in the week, there was no telling when or where The Viper would strike.

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Too Good to ‘Beli-Eve’?

Eve's recent actions suggest that the much-maligned Diva has turned over a new leaf. But with a twisted history of lies and deceitful behavior, it’s also possible that the calculating beauty has a hidden agenda.

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Should kissing be banned in WWE?

The events of the World Heavyweight Championship bout and the Team Teddy fiasco at WrestleMania XXVIII bring to mind a compelling question: Should there be a moratorium on kissing in WWE?

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WWE debuts new set for live events

WWE has created a new entrance set for non-televised live events that captures the feel and excitement of WWE’s outstanding television productions of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown.

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