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SmackDown Results: Cena def. Harper, Kane orchestrated a massive ambush on The Shield

As he went head-to-head with The Wyatt Family's ruthless Luke Harper in SmackDown's main event, could John Cena withstand the mind games of his WrestleMania adversary, Bray Wyatt? Plus, see how a WWE Tag Team Title No. 1 Contender Fatal 4-Way Match transformed into a Big Red ambush on The Shield!

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Find out what some of the fittest men and women on the planet are eating to stay in peak physical condition and what guilty pleasures they indulge in on their “cheat days.”

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SmackDown Results: Bryan & The Usos victorious in Six-Man Tag Team Match; The Animal Unchained!

On the same night that SmackDown Pre-Show and SmackDown Backstage Pass debuted exclusively on WWE Network, Daniel Bryan & The Usos battled Director of Operations Kane & WWE Tag Team Champion The New Age Outlaws on SmackDown. Plus, the WWE Universe came face-to-face with Batista unchained!

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SmackDown Results: Sheamus def. Christian; Bryan forced to compete twice; The Wyatts made a creepy statement of dominance

Sheamus def. Christian; Bryan forced to compete twice; The Wyatts made a creepy statement of dominance

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SmackDown Results: Bryan helped Big Show even the odds; RVD sent an Extreme message to Del Rio

With WWE Battleground two days away, Daniel Bryan helped Big Show battle overwhelming odds, RVD and Alberto Del Rio tuned up for their Hardcore clash and major pay-per-view matches were made!

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SmackDown Results: Bryan made Orton tap out; Edge returned to SmackDown

Two days before Night of Champions, The Rated-R Superstar stormed back onto the SmackDown stage, Big Show found himself facing both suspension and the full force of The Hounds of Justice, Dolph Ziggler picked up a dangerous title opportunity and Daniel Bryan sent a painful message to WWE Champion Randy Orton.

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SmackDown Results: Bryan def. Rollins and The Shield; Orton launched a serpentine attack on his No. 1 contender

After COO Triple H engaged in a heart-to-heart with an alarmed locker room, RVD battled the “Face of WWE,” AJ Lee showed how dangerous beauty can be and Daniel Bryan overcame The Hounds of Justice both inside and outside the ring.

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SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Aug. 30, 2013

Tonight at 8/7 CT on Syfy, SmackDown kicks off with the "most must-see show in WWE" — "Miz TV"! And, just four days after being forced to stand helpless as The Shield and WWE Champion Randy Orton brutalized Daniel Bryan on Raw, Big Show and Dolph Ziggler are scheduled to join The Awesome One.

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Personalized Money in the Bank briefcases

Damien Sandow is hardly the first Superstar to make a personal statement on his Money in the Bank briefcase. looks back at how other squared-circle warriors transformed their golden opportunity into a true extension of themselves.

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SmackDown Results: Bryan def. Barrett in Steel Cage Match; Orton strikes with venomous fury

Just five days after SummerSlam, Daniel Bryan set his sights on WWE Champion Randy Orton before stepping into a steel cage against The Barrett Barrage.

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