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Triple H, Daniel Bryan and more on the influence of William Regal

They’ve either trained with him or been trained by him, tagged with him or torn up the ring with him. But these Superstars all have one thing in common … respect for a true Master Villain of wrestling.

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The Raw General Managers Timeline

If AJ Lee still feels any frustration about how her tenure as Raw General Manager ended, she shouldn't.That's because the average length that past dignitaries have held the controversial role is just 205 days. Only four of AJ's predecessors topped that number. And everyone else...

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Who do the WWE Superstars respect the most?

While WWE Champion CM Punk continues his vicious quest for due respect, WWE.com dropped by the locker room and asked Superstars who they held in highest esteem. The answers may surprise you.

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10 Superstars who let power corrupt them

Whether it's titles, good looks, or physical prowess, a little bit of power can go a long way in a Superstar's mind. From champions who lost their way to backstage players who reached too far, here are ten of the biggest power-trippers in WWE history.

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Brock's controversial words draw strong reactions from Superstars past and present

Find out what past and present Superstars think about Brock Lesnar's controversial statements, including his outrageous claim that John Cena wouldn't have become a huge star if Lesnar stayed in WWE eight years ago.

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Complete 2011 WWE Draft results

With the 2011 WWE Draft completed, find out which brand your favorite Superstars and Divas now call home.

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