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WWE Raw results, July 27, 2015: Champions collide and Cena overcomes injury on a night of firsts

The Authority decreed Raw would be a night of firsts, but it was John Cena's resilience in the face of a gruesome injury that left the WWE Universe buzzing. Find out with WWE.com's full Raw results.

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WWE Raw results, March 16, 2015: Sting and Orton unite against Authority, Reigns confronts Heyman and Barrett stands tall in Intercontinental Title melee

Randy Orton invoked the wrath of The Authority last week, but an unlikely guardian angel came to The Viper's side when all was said and done. Find out what went down with WWE.com's live Raw results.

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Raw Five-Point Preview: March 16, 2015

Randy Orton vowed to come to Raw, spit in Seth Rollins’ face and challenge Mr. Money in the Bank to a WrestleMania match. Will Rollins accept, or will he avoid The Viper? WWE.com previews what’s sure to be an explosive Raw, less than two weeks before The Show of Shows.

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Raw results: Lesnar drops The Deadman, Cena plays mind games and Bryan defies Authority

On the final Raw before WrestleMania 30, Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Daniel Bryan served notice to their WrestleMania opponents; who made the greatest statement before The Show of Shows? Check out WWE.com's full Raw results to find out!

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Raw results: The Rhodes get golden, Orton traps Bryan and Heyman goes to 'Hell'

Cody Rhodes & Goldust are WWE Tag Team Champions, thanks to an unlikely Samaritan. And while Daniel Bryan fell victim to Randy Orton's deception, Paul Heyman is headed to Hell in a Cell itself. Check out WWE.com's full Raw results for details.

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