WWE Raw SuperShow: June 4, 2012 News Archive

WWE Raw SuperShow: June 4, 2012

Ready to show the world: Is Dolph Ziggler a future World Champion?

The Showoff says he's "better" than his current arrangement with Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger is allowing him to be. Should he break away, Dolph Ziggler's sure to find success, but is a WWE Title in the cards for the former Intercontinental Champion? WWE.com reviews the evidence.

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Who's the Greatest World Champion of the 21st Century?

Since the turn of the century, many gifted Superstars have held the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles. But, who among them stands as the best of the best?

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Caption This: Are those flirty eyes, AJ?

What's going through AJ's head as she smiles at The Big Red Monster? WWE.com wants your captions for this photo from the June 4, 2012 edition of Raw SuperShow.

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The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for June 5, 2012

Michael Cole attempted to humble John Cena in a one-on-one interview, only to have the favor returned when Cena decided to face him in the ring on Raw SuperShow. Suffice it to say, BBQ sauce was involved. Here are your tweets for a finger-lickin' good Day After -- wait. AJ flirted with WHO?!?!

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Will Mr. McMahon 'future endeavor' General Manager John Laurinaitis on Raw?

General Manager John Laurinaitis will get a job evaluation from Mr. McMahon on next week's three-hour Raw SuperShow. Will Laurinaitis pass his evaluation with flying colors? Or does the Chairman have some harsh words or major discipline planned for Big Johnny?

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Raw SuperShow results: John Cena stuns Tensai, then shames Michael Cole

Stick with WWE.com for live Raw results, exclusive photos and videos, and much more, for the June 4, 2012 edition of Raw SuperShow.

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