WWE Raw SuperShow: February 13, 2012 News Archive

WWE Raw SuperShow: February 13, 2012

Randy Orton to be re-evaluated following concussion on Raw SuperShow

WWE medical personnel have confirmed that Randy Orton suffered a concussion on Raw SuperShow when World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan smashed The Viper over the head with his title. Orton's condition will be re-evaluated on Feb. 27– two weeks after the incident took place.

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Eve Talks About Kissing Cena

Twitter may only be 140 characters, but Eve's one tweet after Raw spoke a thousand words. "I'm only human." And this sentiment is exactly what the former Divas Champion wanted to stress to WWE.com in her first phone interview after breaking Zack Ryder's heart on Raw Supershow and sending the WWE Universe into a #PoorZack tizzy.

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Woo-Woo-Woe: Ryder opens up about the betrayal

A heartbroken and angry Zack Ryder speaks to WWE.com about the passionate kiss Eve and John Cena shared Monday night at the explosive close of Raw SuperShow.

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The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for Feb. 14, 2012

It's the (Valentine's) Day After Raw and WWE is inundated with heartbreak - from the return of HBK himself to the kiss that crushed Zack Ryder's soul. Drop the stuffed bear and box of chocolates, and read your tweets!

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WWE Raw SuperShow results: Has Cena embraced the hate?

After witnessing a shocking kiss between Eve and John Cena, Zack Ryder's night went into a downward spiral and ended when Kane threw him off the stage in his wheelchair! Also, the Superstars competing for the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber all met in competitive singles matches.

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