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The other half of Hulkamania: The Iron Sheik discusses January 23, 1984

Thirty years ago today, Hulk Hogan became immortal. But you've only heard half the story. caught up with The Iron Sheik to hear his side of sports-entertainment's most legendary coronation.

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Immortal animation: The true story behind 'Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling'

During the mid-1980s, the top WWE Superstars became a Saturday morning cartoon show. How did it happen? spoke to the individuals responsible to discover the unbelievable true story behind "Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling."

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An introductory guide to the early WWE Champions

The WWE Championship became a piece of pop culture when Hulk Hogan grabbed it in 1984, but what did the title mean when it was held by Superstars like Stan Stasiak and "Superstar" Billy Graham? WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel educates us all on the early WWE Champions.

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Intercontinental Title Tournament Finally Uncovered

For more than 30 years, no one has seen any evidence of the tournament in Rio de Janeiro that crowned Pat Patterson as the first Intercontinental Champion. But during a routine hunt through WWE's archives, we finally found the match results and a few scarce photos.

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The Iron Sheik humbles Jinder Mahal over use of the Camel Clutch

Jinder Mahal has been using The Iron Sheik's Camel Clutch as his own for some time now ... and the Hall of Famer has taken notice. caught up with the famously outspoken Sheik to get his feelings on Mahal's version of the Clutch, and he did not disappoint.

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The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for Dec. 6, 2011

While tweeting their picks for Superstar of the Year, WWE fans are abuzz about Kevin Nash's return to action, a "Hashtag Heel" and an incredible video announcing WWE Network's "Legends' House."

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