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Triple H def. Kevin Nash (Sledgehammer Ladder Match)

Triple H showed no mercy against his former best friend at WWE TLC. Tormenting Kevin Nash with painful blow after blow, The King of Kings reigned supreme in a brutal Sledgehammer Ladder Match.

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Superstar of the Year is all well and good, but what about Most Regrettable Ring Attire? presents the exclusive Slammys you didn't get to see on Raw SuperShow.

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The Day After Raw: Your Tweets for Dec. 6, 2011

While tweeting their picks for Superstar of the Year, WWE fans are abuzz about Kevin Nash's return to action, a "Hashtag Heel" and an incredible video announcing WWE Network's "Legends' House."

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Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman discuss the war between Triple H and Kevin Nash

As the war between Kevin Nash and Triple H continues to heat up, spoke with their former Kliq cohorts Shawn Michaels and Sean Waltman to get the inside story on WWE’s most bitter rivalry.

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Is "The Kliq" history?

Following Kevin Nash's sledgehammer attack on former friend Triple H, wonders if the signature bond of "The Kliq" has been damaged beyond repair. Is this the end of The Kliq?

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Nash-Triple H: Bad blood renewed between friends?

A re-signed Kevin Nash returns to Raw SuperShow Monday, two weeks after a brutal sledgehammer attack on WWE's COO, Triple H. As the WWE Universe wonders what Nash will say for himself in England, looks back at one other time he and his best friend butted heads inside the ring.

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Is Raw descending into anarchy under John Laurinaitis?

Has Interim General Manager John Laurinaitis lost control of Raw?

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Injury update: Triple H

According to Dr. Chris Amann, Triple H has suffered a concussion and a fractured vertebrae from the two sledgehammer attacks he received from Kevin Nash on Raw and he'll be out for at least six weeks.

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Kevin Nash: 7-foot ninja? wonders how former Superstar Kevin Nash “sneaked” into San Antonio’s AT&T Center at Vengeance. Is Big Daddy Cool a 7-foot ninja?

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The Miz & R-Truth def. Triple H & CM Punk

At Vengeance, WWE’s conspiracy theorists benefited from a scheme against the Chief Operating Officer, as The Miz & R-Truth defeated Triple H & CM Punk with the aid of Kevin Nash.

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