WWE Zombies vs. Superstars: How would Superstars survive?

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October 31, 2012

Cody Rhodes

How would Superstars survive a zombie attack?

WWE.com: How would Cody Rhodes survive a zombie apocalypse?

Cody Rhodes: I would survive a zombie apocalypse no frills. I would use the tactic listed in the very good film “Zombieland.” I think it was: have an exit.

WWE.com: Would you use Cross Rhodes on a zombie if you were caught in a jam?

Rhodes: Never lock the living dead in Cross Rhodes because you can get bit. Yet, I can Disaster Kick zombie after zombie after zombie. So it’s always good to have an auxiliary move.

WWE.com: What Superstar would you want to roll with through the zombie wasteland?

Rhodes: JBL has a pretty intimidating presence about him. His old school ways would get rid of a few zombies in our path, but he’s also old and slow so I would be able to get away if one of us had to go down.

WWE.com: When the locker room starts to turn, what zombified Superstar do you plan to avoid?

Rhodes: Probably Ryback. He’d be a brainless, stupid zombie. I don’t know if you’ve read the classic [graphic novel] “The Dark Knight Returns,” but the mutant leader reminds me so much of Ryback. The mutants were like zombies in the first place and that guy was a legit thug of a fighter. Ryback seems like he’d be too much to handle from a zombie standpoint.

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